Why hire an architectural designer for your building project?

The New Year is a time that we all start to think about new beginnings, new jobs and, inevitably, new houses.  You may be thinking about relocating or your New Years resolution might be to build that bigger house you’ve always dreamed of.  Or, after a Christmas cramped into your house with all the family, 2020 might be the right time to make that extension a reality.

You’ve got the perfect location in mind, you’ve really thought about a realistic budget and you know when you’d need everything completed and ready to live in…now what?

The key to any successful building project is good research, planning and contacts, and getting an architectural designer in as soon as you’ve got a solid idea is a wise move. Architectural designers are an essential part of any building project, offering a multitude of services that are vital to successful completion. They professionally meld together creative ideas with solid plans and knowledge of the science and technology of a building.  Read on to learn why an architectural designer is the linchpin of your building project.

Services offered by your architectural designer

An architectural designer will not only be adept at using the latest technology to draw up your building but also will know how and why they are constructed a certain way, what materials are best to use and who best to build your renovation or new build.  A professional architectural designer will have a myriad of tools and experience at their fingertips.


An experienced company such as GMW Design will be able to put you in touch with a selection of skilled and experienced tradesmen and officials who will be able to get your project done to the highest standards.  Using an architectural designer over self-building gives you access to a full list of contacts for each stage of your job; builders, plumbers, electricians, roofers, surveyors and more.


No building project would even have foundations laid without first having Local Authority approval.  A good architectural designer would be able to help with planning and building regulation applications, feasibility schemes, planning appraisals, presentation plans and self-build designs, all of which ensure that your build is airtight as far as the authoritative approval and legalities are concerned.


Of course, the main job of an architectural designer is to create drawings and detailed designs.  Without working drawings, Local Authority approvals and contractors would be lost.  Whether your project is a new build, a refurbishment of an existing building, an extension or a conversion, architectural drawings are an essential element of the basic construction and project overall.

Nowadays, professional architectural designers are able to produce computer-aided design drawings, facilitating the accuracy of the drawings and the ability to be used as two-dimensional or three-dimensional renderings for your consideration.

Special requirements

A huge advantage of having professional drawings to consider is that it allows you to explore the possibility of additions and requirements not normally added to building plans.  For example, if you have accessibility issues, this is the time to consider how wheelchair access would work with your building dimensions.  If you need a wet room installed, this is the time to consider where would be the most convenient place to put it.  In the case of an extension, it could mean the difference between levels and whether ramps or steps would be the best option.  It’s also an opportunity to futureproof your property – if it’s your forever home, why not ensure that it’s accessible to every age group now?

Project Management

The sign of a good architectural designer is their ability to take the lead and project manage.  This can often be the most valuable part of a project, especially if you have no previous experience with building a home. Being able to bring together each of the variety of tradesmen and liaise with local authorities while all working from the same detailed, approved working drawings is a skill worth its weight in gold, and takes the stress off you so that you can enjoy the process of seeing your project completed quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Why choose GMW Design as your project’s architectural designer?

Geraint at GMW Design is an architectural designer with the creativity and technical ability for creating bespoke detailed drawings, while having the experience and knowledge of the industry, materials, ecology and whole host of local tradesmen and local authority figures in West Wales and beyond.

With over 15 years’ experience working in the architectural sector and a plethora of award-winning projects under his belt, Geraint is more than equipped to advise and guide your design project.  Give GMW Design a call today for more information, or follow us on social media for more industry news and updates.

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