Grand Designs done the right way…with an architectural designer

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We’ve all seen the TV program ‘Grand Designs’; Kevin McCloud, with his own brand of dry wit and sarcasm, commentates on the plans and pitfalls of families who are attempting to make their building dreams a reality.  Usually, as per the ‘Grand Designs’ structure, the family hits a mid-episode design disaster which they eventually overcome but at a great financial and emotional cost.

While this makes for great TV, we at GMW Design are here to make sure that your real-life Grand Designs avoid these setbacks altogether, allowing you to turn your aspirations into reality easily, viably and on-budget.

How do we do this?

Your version of Grand Designs can be done the right way…with an architect!

You see, these TV tragedies occur when people try to self-build without the correct advice and guidance.  Failed attempts or total oblivions to getting planning permission, building defects, incorrect contractors quotes…all of these issues can mean that the cost of your dream build starts spiralling out of your control.

Your project needn’t be unmanageable.  One call to GMW Design means that professional help is at hand.  Yes, it comes at a price, but this more than justifies itself as the project runs smoothly, and one set fee for your architect’s guidance far outweighs unexpected and costly mistakes way down the line.

Before you start digging up your plot of land or knocking your exterior walls down, start your own grand designs the right way with a no-obligation call or meeting with the team at GMW Design.  From there, we can start with realistic appraisals of your wishlist, assess your options and discuss the feasibility of your project before a spade even hits the ground.

That preliminary meeting will be one of the most important steps in your grand designs style dream.  It gives you the opportunity to air your vision to a professional who can let you know if it could become a reality or whether what you’re asking for is a pipe dream that would cost the earth to complete.  The detailed written proposal, complete with terms and conditions, will give you an opportunity to put meat on the bones of your project and gives you the opportunity to assess your requirements before moving forward.

Avoid a Grand Designs TV catastrophe

The relationship you have with your architect is likely to be a long one, and for the project to be successful, the team at GMW Design insist upon transparency and honesty.  If there’s an element of your project that we know will cause issues, we insist on a frank discussion so that we can help avoid pitfalls and problems during the build itself.   It’s important for you as clients of GMW Design to also be honest about your requirements and budget at these initial stages, otherwise, your grand designs could turn into grand disasters!

This is where the idea now starts to feel real and plans become paperwork; GMW Design start the process with planning advice to gain the necessary consents.  This is where the grand designs get drawn up, and you’re provided with the technical drawings required for Building Regulation approval.

From Grand Designs to Grand Buildings

Your architect isn’t just there to provide technical drawings.  A good architect is also a project manager, advisor, middleman and a reassuring professional.

At GMW Designs, we provide support through each stage of your design and build project.  From advice about sustainable building and sustainable materials through to deciding on the right contractors and making sure every member of your build team is briefed, we can project manage your plans so that you avoid a Grand Designs worthy unexpected crisis.

You see, starting with clearly defined ideas and turning them into clearly defined plans allows us to provide contractors with detailed tenders which allow for more competitive quotes.  And with a plethora of contacts in our phone book, we can help you keep costs down by getting the best value bid with a high-quality contractor.

Our process is particularly helpful if you’re located in another county or even country.  Our fully managed services mean that you don’t need to be on the site to know that your project is going smoothly.  We report back on every element of your build from the first brick to the last fixing.

 “Our renovation was an extremely emotional rollercoaster meet with many challenging and perplexing situations along the way, not made easy by the fact I currently work 95% of my time overseas in China. Not having any experience in this type of field, Geraint was fantastic at positioning everything. For this project owing to the challenges of a long-distance client/customer relationship, communications were of paramount importance. Geraint was always concise, timely and judicious.”
Nick N, Newgale Holidays

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